15 Sep 2019

Hand-Woven Persian Carpets Expo to Kick off in Tehran by Fortnight

The 28th edition of Iran Handmade Carpet Exhibition will be held at Tehran’s Permanent Fairground in August 25-31.

The event, which is known as the world’s most important and biggest event in the art and industry of handmade carpets, will host a score of Iranian and foreign companies active in different parts of the industry.

Iran National Carpet Center, as the sponsor and organizer of this important event, will provide special facilities and options for foreign businessmen who are active in the handmade carpet sector.

A number of business and trade delegations from various countries are expected to visit the exhibition and hold trade talks with Iranian producers and exporters of handwoven carpets.

The event attracts as many as 4,000 visitors each year. The previous edition of the exhibition hosted over 670 producers, export companies and manufacturing units across the country.

Handmade Persian carpet, besides excellent position in art and culture, is considered as a luxury commodity with a high value that has been adorned in many palaces, museums and private houses around the world.

The famed Persian carpet is under pressure from low-cost Asian rivals and also faces the threat of renewed US sanctions.

The Persian carpet is said to date back 2,500 years and the sector remains a big export earner and employer.

The carpets are made of wool, silk or cotton, or a combination of the three. It can take weavers months or even years to make a large, top-quality carpet with intricate floral and other designs. Using natural dyes derived from plants, the workers are traditionally women.

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